Our Story

Hi there! I'm Katherine- a holistic nutritionist, avid gardener, nature enthusiast, and animal lover. I have two of the best puppers in the world- one of which is a black lab, and like all labs she LOVES her treats. I love to spoil my furbabies but I wasn't happy with the quality of dog treats I was finding at the pet store. Billy Bones (whose real name is actually Willow) was starting to pack on a few extra pounds even though she was only three years old. I knew something had to change. As a holistic nutritionist I know the value of eating high-quality, natural foods, and I decided to apply this knowledge to my dogs. I started making my own homemade treats for my dogs that were minimally processed, all-natural, and with high-quality ingredients I could feel good about.

We are blessed to live on beautiful Vancouver Island, on the west coast of Canada. We support local farms to ensure we are getting the highest quality meat and offals for our furbabies. The only form of processing our meaty treats go through is a freeze-drying process, which allows us to retain 97% of the original nutrient value of the food and ensures our products are shelf-stable, and will last for up to 25 years. 

I hope you find something interesting or inspiring, and stick around to see what we continue to dream up.


With love and gratitude, Katherine